Sonus VoIP NGN Switch
Sonus enables and secures real-time communications so the world's leading service providers and enterprises can embrace the next generation of SIP and 4G/LTE solutions including VoIP, video, instant messaging and online collaboration.
With customers in nearly 100 countries and nearly two decades of experience, Sonus offers a complete portfolio of hardware-based and virtualized Session Border Controllers (SBCs), Diameter Signaling Controllers (DSCs), policy/routing servers and media and signaling gateways for NGN/CLASS4, IMS and LTE deployments.
In Israel focus telecom deployed 2 huge VoIP NGN networks for Orange partner and Cellcom.
The sonus NGN Voip switch supports the following solutions:
Policy Management and Intelligent Routing
Sonus Networks pioneered the concept of centralized SIP policy management with its PSX™ Centralized Policy and Routing Server. The PSX quickly become the gold standard of SIP policy management, and today drives millions of SIP sessions in the world’s communications networks every hour. The PSX platform offers an open, advanced Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) routing and policy server that manages SIP-based policies across the entire network including media gateways, softswitches, session border controllers and mobile switching centers, and which can be easily extended through software modules to address unique SIP policy roles such as least cost and value-based routing, hosted number portability and IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) Breakout Gateway Control Function (BGCF). 

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GSX 9000 High-Density Media Gateway
The Sonus GSX 9000 High-Density Media Gateway is the industry's most trusted TDM/IP media switch, powering four of the world's five most profitable service provider networks. The GSX 9000 gateway features a scalable, blade server architecture that allows networks to add more TDM or IP processing capacity to the GSX 9000 chassis as their network grows and evolves. Each GSX 9000 gateway can expand to over 20,000 circuit-to-packet ports while supporting rich media transcoding, making it ideal for network peering, international gateways and Class 4 switch replacements.

  • High availability (99.999%) with hot-swappable modules, redundant components, live software upgrades and automatic protection switching.
  • Configurable chassis able to provide full session border control functionality.

  • Encryption Topology hiding.
  • Denial of Service (DoS)/Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS).
  • Attack mitigation Quality of Service (QoS).

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SIP Trunking and Network Consolidation
While no one company can take credit for the Voice over IP (VoIP) revolution, perhaps no company has done more to make VoIP sound good than Sonus.
Over 15 years ago, Sonus engineers developed the industry’s first carrier-class VoIP switch to bridge the old world (TDM) with the new world (SIP), and the rest is history.
Today, the world’s leading VoIP providers are Sonus customers, and Sonus VoIP trunking solutions span the globe, delivering over one billion minutes of high-quality VoIP every day.
As service providers and enterprises make the shift to SIP-based communications, the need to bridge between legacy TDM and IP-voice is greater than ever. If your business still needs to “cut the cord” on expensive legacy switches, it’s time you connected with Sonus.

Interconnect solutions
The core data and voice networks within most global telecommunications service providers are now predominantly IP-based. Wherever possible, service providers are adopting IP due to cost advantages, the extended service reach it provides and its proven resiliency.
While IP-based communications offer many significant benefits, at the interconnection point between peering partners, the use of IP comes with its own set of challenges.

The Sonus SBC is designed to sit at the border between carriers and provide an intelligent interconnection between partner networks. Critical to any peering environment, the SBC delivers the following functions:
  • Securing the network border.
  • Enforcing Quality of Service (QoS).
  • policies Transcoding media and providing codec interworking, Dual Tone Multi Frequency (DTMF), fax interworking.
  • Traversing intermediate Network Address Translation (NAT) and firewalls Ensuring regulatory compliance.
  • Extending beyond the role of a traditional standalone Session Border Controller, Sonus SBCs combine security, media switching and transcoding services in a single, scalable device. The Sonus SBC is an evolutionary step beyond traditional border security, based on the best practices learned over more than a decade of IP security leadership.

Today, no other security solution empowers your network edge like a Sonus SBC-it truly is a peering solution without peer.