Session Border control
Session Border Control - SBC solution  (access & peering) for service providers and  large Enterprise of main worldwide leading vendors.

Sonus SBC
Session Border Controllers (SBCs) provide security, interoperability, routing and other functions in a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) network. However, not all SBCs are created equal, and not all SBC customers have the same criteria. A service provider may be looking for an SBC to support thousands of sessions and broad signaling interworking (to support more peer connections with international carriers); an enterprise may need an SBC to manage dial plans and policies across multiple PBX systems. From small businesses to large operators, Sonus’ has an award-winning and field-proven portfolio of SBCs to meet every need.

SBC 9000
For service provider networks experiencing a mix of Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) traffic, the Sonus SBC 9000 delivers a seamless hybrid solution. The combination of Sonus’ GSX 9000® Time Division Multiplexing (TDM)/IP softswitch solution and advanced SBC capabilities for secure IP-to-IP communications creates a powerful union of security and interoperability. In either a hybrid TDM-to-IP environment or pure IP applications, the Sonus SBC 9000 allows operators to satisfy all their security, border control and media services requirements within an integrated, easily managed system.

SBC 7000
SBC 7000 up to150,000  Sessions - Service providers and large enterprises are facing a torrent of insatiable demand for multimedia communications applications across global markets. The foundational strength of the Sonus SBC 7000 is its ability to support high capacity requirements for real-time, multimedia Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) traffic.
The SBC 7000 can scale up to 150,000 sessions via simple software licenses, allowing operational teams to expand capacity in days, not months.
The SBC 7000’s massive scale empowers service providers and large enterprises to leave behind traditional “racking and stacking” of small capacity SBCs to accommodate customer growth, resulting in faster time-to-market and reduced operational expenses.

SBC 5200 up to 64,000  Sessions -The world's largest service providers and enterprises rely on the Sonus SBC 5210 to protect their real-time communication networks.   The Sonus SBC 5210 serves a critical role in enabling and activating real-time communications. By integrating Sonus SBCs into the network, these powerful devices protect, secure, simplify and standardize real-time, SIP-based multimedia communications – including voice over IP (VoIP) and video – enabling customers’ UC vision to become a reality.
Service provider and large enterprise customers need a scalable solution that can be implementable globally. The Sonus SBC 5210 is continually selected for its performance metrics and industry-leading session capacity of 64,000 sessions.
For ultimate network security and unparalleled interoperability, look no further than the 5210 SBC.

SBC 5100
SBC 5100 up to10,000  Sessions-  Sonus designed the SBC 5110 to be a different class of SBC: one that addresses the high session requirements of medium-to-large enterprises and regional service providers in an all-IP multimedia environment. The SBC 5110 platform (supporting up to 10,000 sessions) provides the industry-leading capabilities of Sonus’ SBC 5210 and SBC 7000: robust security, unparalleled scalability, flexible SIP session routing and interoperability. The SBC 5110 delivers superior, secure multimedia support for audio, video and data for the most demanding of enterprises and service providers.

Oracle SBC
Series of SBCs which Enable Trusted Communications Across IP Network Borders  . Satisfies all session border control requirements for fixed line, mobile, and OTT service providers, enabling trusted interactive communications across IP network borders.