SatCom RF & Telemetry
Kratos RT Logic is the leading supplier of innovative signal processing systems providing field-proven capabilities for communication with satellites, spacecraft, missiles, and airborne platforms. From factory test to flight, from ground data networking to RF links. Kratos RT Logic takes pride in the products and support we provide to the defense and aerospace community.
Kratos RT Logic provides end-to-end solutions that assure the reliability, availability, and security of critical communications across satellite and terrestrial networks.  This includes RF interference mitigation solutions, Satellite network monitoring and control, Satellite fleet management and remote monitoring and enterprise network management solutions.
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Kratos RT Logic 
T400CS Channel Simulator
Product Overview - Channel Simulator.
What is an RF channel simulator? How are they used?
Explore the features and benefits of the Kratos RT Logic T400CS Channel Simulator.

Capabilities For RFI

Greater Accessibility Capabilities For RFI Geolocation

Today’s geolocation systems are generally integrated with carrier signal
monitoring (CSM) capability. Integration with CSM capability, at a minimum,
saves the cost of hardware common to both capabilities.
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Ground Systems for Small Satellites

Transcend the complexity of traditional ground systems with quantumGND™,
a pre-integrated, low cost, low risk turnkey
C2 to RF solution for small satellites
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RF Channel Simulator

Test realistically -Impart channel effects onto existing RF signals, creating operational RF environments in the lab.

The Kratos Channel Simulator is a powerful, yet economical communications link simulator that addresses a broad range of IF and RF hardware-in-the-loop test, operational, and training applications.
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SpectralNet Appliance

RF Spectrum Transport for Test and Launch Ranges

SpectralNet™ Appliance - Range from Kratos RT Logic eliminates the physical distance limitations in RF signal distribution, enabling the optimization of ground infrastructure to improve flexibility and reliability.
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