NTP Solutions
Microsemi offers Network Time Protocol (NTP) time servers that provide accurate, reliable, and secure time synchronization to Enterprise IT and telecommunications networks.
Our GPS NTP Network Appliances and Modular NTP Solutions make it easy to manage and monitor time synchronization through workstations, servers, and routers, thus assuring the highest integrity and QoE throughout the network.

SyncServer S600

Stratum 1 Network Time Server

High Performance, Enhanced Security Network Time Server.

The new SyncServer S600 GPS / GNSS, Stratum 1 network time server with security-hardened NTP Reflector™ technology improves the security, accuracy and the reliability of the time services on the network for IT network administrators working to provide network time services in hardened network operations.

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SyncServer S650

GPS Reference Time & Frequency Clock

The new SyncServer S650 Time and Frequency Instrument provides unprecedented synchronization flexibility and performance using Microsemi FlexPort™ technology.

The GPS referenced S650 is designed for modern electronics systems and networks that require best-in-class synchronization performance easily adaptable to a wide range of applications.
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Domain Time II

Comprehensive Windows based NTP/PTP solution

Domain Time II is a comprehensive software solution that simplifies time synchronization across the network.

Versatile time clients keep the network hierarchy synchronized to a GPS referenced network time server.
Easy to use management tools simplify and automate many tasks related to keeping these clients up-to-date.
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SyncServer S80

Ruggedized and Secure Stratum 1 Network Time Server (NTP)

The Microsemi SyncServer S80 is a fully integrated GPS/GLONASS antenna,receiver, NTP server, and PoE interface that easily integrates into existing PoE infrastructure to immediately be the source of accurate, secure, and reliable time stamps for all network connected devices.
Network isolated physical security systems benefit as the ruggedized Stratum 1 network time server is ideal for time-synchronizing IP security cameras...
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Audit Server

Maintain a secure, verifiable audit trail of the time synchronization

The records collected by Audit Server include complete information to allow auditors to determine precisely when a machine was last synchronized, with what time source, as well as its variance from the reference time source.

Monitored Machines Reliably and Individually Identified.
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SyncServer S100

GPS Network Time Server

The SyncServer S100 is being discontinued. The replacement model is the new SyncServer S600.
The SyncServer® S100 is a GPS network time server designed for small and medium sized enterprises that require extremely accurate and reliable time delivered to their clients, servers and workstations from a highly-responsive NTP service over a iPv4 or iPv6 compliant network.
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SyncServer S200

Enterprise Class GPS Network Time Serve

The SyncServer S200 is being discontinued. The replacement model is the new SyncServer S600.
Next Generation IT networks need accurate, reliable and secure time.
Symmetricom's high-performance SyncServer® S200TMis an enterprise class GPS Network Time Server that supports the expanding technological requirements of large enterprises It protects the integrity of IT network accuracy...
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SyncServer S250

GPS Network Time Server with Timing Enhancements

The SyncServer S250 is being discontinued. The replacement model is the new SyncServer S600.
Next Generation ready, the SyncServer® S250TM is a GPS Network Time Server with multiple and versatile timing configurations.
It provides ultra precise time and frequency outputs and redundant back-up, essential for Next Generation IT networks that require network time servers that are versatile in their ability ...
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SyncServer S300

High Performance, Enhanced Security GPS Network Time Server

The SyncServer S300 is being discontinued. The replacement model is the new SyncServer S600.

Faster, more accurate, more secure, increased redundancy, and maximum reliability - these features all contribute to higher levels of performance and assure optimal integrity within the Next Generation IT network.
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SyncServer S350

Ultra Precise & Versatile GPS Network Time Server

The SyncServer S350 is being discontinued. The replacement model is the new SyncServer S600.

Versatile network time servers are often needed to meet the requirements for demanding, high performance network time synchronization as well as supply traditional time and frequency technology.
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