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Police in the UK has increasingly been using jammer detection as a part of their fight against crime, especially criminal organizations. We have some indication that this is also being done elsewhere. 

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RF Anywhere…Over Any IP Network

Kratos RT Logic’s SpectralNet eliminates the physical distance limitations in RF signal distribution, enabling the optimization of ground infrastructure to improve flexibility, reliability and reduce costs.
​SpectralNet is the first product to digitize and transport RF spectrum over IP networks in a way that preserves both frequency and timing characteristics, and then faithfully reconstructing the original RF signals to enable processing, recording or retransmission at another location. 

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Focus Telecom Newsletter March 2019

  • GPS week number Rollover event April 6, 2019
  • Chronos Technology GPS/GNSS Jamming Detection
  • Microsemi FTD SyncServer S650
  • Professional Services
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Ground Systems for Small Satellites. Kratos RT Logic’s family of Small Sat Ground Solutions is the answer for affordable, fully functional ground systems for ​Small Sat applications.
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Space Flight Laboratory (SFL) has launched three formation-flying HawkEye 360 Pathfinder 15-kilogram, 20 x 27 x 44-centimeter microsatellites designed to detect and geolocate radio frequency (RF) signals.
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Our Solution For Detecting Jammers
Read More "4 satellites officially join Galileo constellation"

The latest four Galileo satellites have been given the green light to begin working alongside the rest of Europe’s satellite navigation fleet, giving a further boost to worldwide Galileo service quality.
Read More "Preparing for Cyber Attacks on GPS Systems"

We are increasingly witnessing cyber attacks on GPS systems. How does this affect our lives and how is our organization set to continue its business operations if GPS collapses? Focus Telecom, which provides consulting, synchronization solutions, and cyber defense for banks, security organizations, government offices, and high-tech companies, provides an answer. | Shlomi Mazor
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The continuing evolution of mobile network technologies has driven the need for increased accuracy and greater availability of timing and synchronization solutions.

Read More "GPS Week Rollover Coming – Timing/IOT Users Have Responsibilities Too!"

GPS users should review this memorandum and be aware of the potential impacts on their equipment when the GPS Week Number rolls over to 0 on April 6, 2019 / April 7, 2019.

Upcoming Global Positioning System Week Number Rollover Event

This paper is intended to provide an understanding of the possible effects of the April 6,
2019 GPS Week Number Rollover on Coordinated Universal Time derived from GPS

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GPS Week Rollover Coming - Timing/IOT Users Have Responsibilities Too!

GPS users should review this memorandum and be aware of the potential impacts to their equipment when the GPS Week Number rolls over to 0 on April 6, 2019 / April 7, 2019. If you have questions about how your equipment may be impacted by the GPS Week Number rollover, we recommend you contact your equipment manufacturer.
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GPS Week Number System
Rollover Update

What’s the Key Issue?  The Global Positioning System provides accurate timing information to
many of our critical systems.
The GPS supply the receiver with the current week and the current
number of seconds into the week...

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IL-CERT (Israel's Computer Emergency Response Team) issues a warning:
The GPS Week Number Rollover is coming.

The GPS constellation is used by many organizations as the source for accurate time for their networks. Once every 20 years, the week enumerator is zeroed and might cause a wrong time to be derived into the networks. The next time this event occurs is April 2019.
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The dangers of a cyber-attack on GPS based systems
Recently, more and more GPS-based systems are being jammed and even worse – being fed with wrong time information which deceives critical systems by what's called a "spoofing attack".
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China, Russia reveal secret test to ‘heat’ atmosphere and jam signals such as GPS

Northern European nations have this year been complaining of unexplained ‘outages’ of vital GPS systems. Now we know it was actually a secret experiment with the Chinese to modify the Earth’s atmosphere — to boost and jam vital signals.
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Cybersecurity and the "Return on Negligence"

In a recently released Fairplay/BIMCO/ABS maritime industry survey, nearly half of the 237 respondents reported that their company's annual cybersecurity budget is less than $10,000. Another quarter reported that the budget is between $10,000-50,000, and ten percent of the respondents spend more than $250,000.
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Norway, Finland suspect Russia of jamming GPS.

NATO conducted its largest military exercise since the Cold War in the frigid waters and icy mountains of Norway Oct. 25-Nov. 7.
During the final days of the Trident Juncture exercise, GPS signals guiding ships, aircraft, tanks, trucks and troops began to fail. Tracking screens flickered and positions were suddenly wrong from a few meters to hundreds of kilometers.
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The events of 2018 show that GNSS interference is causing significant disruption to sectors worldwide. Evidence suggests that this is a growing problem and reinforces the need to Protect, Toughen and Augment GNSS dependent systems.

Cyber threats to shipping grow in East Mediterranean In the first part of this double feature, Katherine Dunn investigates an emerging security risk for the shipping industry, as maritime authorities report a rising number of GPS failures.

BlueSkyTM GPS Firewall: Breakthrough Technology to Secure Against GPS Jamming and Spoofing Threats.

Experts Warn GPS Vulnerable to Time-Tampering Terroris.


The GPS Week Number Rollover: how to tell if your receivers are affected.


Electrical companies scared of GPS jamming.

Technologists from the National Institutes of Standards (NIST) report that all the operators of electrical grids they have contacted have reported some problems using GNSS timing. About 20% report that this has caused problems with operations, mostly offline analysis and commissioning delays.
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rollover event
Get your GPS systems ready now for the rollover event in 2019!
Many folks will think “Oh, gosh, this seems complicated and difficult. I’ll deal with it tomorrow.”  And tomorrow never comes.

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GPS Satellite System

Lawmaker Aims To Protect America's Vulnerable GPS Satellite System 1
Ruggedized Stratum 1 NTP server wins Best New Product Showcase Award at ISC West 2018

Microsemi’s SyncServer S80 NTP server won the New Product Showcase award at the ISC West event in Las Vegas, Nevada organized by the Security Industry Association (SIA). Read the complete SIA Press Release here.
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