GPS Satellite System

Lawmaker Aims To Protect America's Vulnerable GPS Satellite System 1
GPS week number Rollover
This FSB is to provide information on the GPS week number rollover event that will occur on April7th, 2019 for current products listed below. This is with reference to the current software releasefor each of the products.  Read More
Ruggedized Stratum 1 NTP server wins Best New Product Showcase Award at ISC West 2018

Microsemi’s SyncServer S80 NTP server won the New Product Showcase award at the ISC West event in Las Vegas, Nevada organized by the Security Industry Association (SIA). Read the complete SIA Press Release here.  Read More How crippled the world will be when GPS will be attacked

Garamendi represents California’s 3rd District and serves on the Armed Services and Transportation & Infrastructure committees. He is the ranking member of the Coast Guard and Maritime Transportation subcommittee.  Read More
Daylight Saving Time: How Computers and Networks Adjust

Just a friendly reminder from the Microsemi Frequency and Time Division that daylight saving time for many in the U.S. is this upcoming Sunday morning, March 11, at 2am. Clocks will be adjusted… forward by 1 hour.  Read More